Applying to GIFT

High School students should meet with the career tech at your high school to receive the information brochures and application forms. See the contact page for information regarding your school. Each high school is allocated a certain number of spaces to be used by February 28 for the following school year.

Application at

Student Resources

This item will be important to you as a GIFT student.

Student Handbook

Full Calendar

2017-2018 PDF Calendar

Outstanding Students of Merit

Instructors and staff select students whose performance deserves special recognition. The most recent award recipients will be featured on this site soon.

Declination Form

Students who are accepted into the GIFT program but then choose not to participate in the program should fill out and submit the form below.

Declination Form

Mandatory Student Meeting

This is an online informational PowerPoint meeting that GIFT requires of a parent/guardian of any 2nd year GIFT student and graduated student.

Students also acknowledge that they will be responsible for reading the 2017-2018 Student Handbook above.

If you have any questions after viewing this PowerPoint direct them to the GIFT office at 928-348-3393.

Acknowledgement Form

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