Our Vision

Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Careers

Our Mission

We prepare students for certification, degrees, careers, and successful lives.

Our District Values

    Gila Institute for Technology:
  • Believes students are the number one priority.
  • Offers equal educational opportunities for all students.
  • Provides learning opportunities in academics, careers, and life skills leading students to become productive citizens.
  • Sponsors Career and Technical Student Organizations which provide opportunities for leadership development, career advancement, and continuing education.
  • Believes parent/guardian commitment and support are vital for student success.
  • Upholds high expectations of achievement and integrity for students, instructors, staff, and governing board.
  • Partners with all stakeholders to deliver quality programs.


GIFT is a joint technological district formed by the vote of the people in November 2000. It became active on July 1, 2001. Its primary mission is to enhance and enlarge career and technical education opportunities for students.

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The JTED Advantage

Why JTEDs? Joint Technological and Educational Districts fill and important role in education in Arizona:

    Workforce Development

  • There are 13 Joint Technological Education Districts (JTEDs) in Arizona.
  • JTEDs deliver Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses in 72 occupational program areas catering to the interests of high school students.
  • JTEDs deliver a trained workforce vital to attracting new businesses to Arizona.
  • JTEDs are an extremely cost-effective method to help students attain industry-standard certifications.

    Career and Technical Education Student Success

  • Career and Technical Education shapes high school graduates into productive taxpayers in Arizona's counties and communities.
  • Students who participate in CTE score higher on Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) Test and other academic achievement yardsticks.
  • CTE students graduate from high school at a higher percentage and more enroll in and graduate from college.

    Community Support

  • Industry and community professionals advisory committees support Arizona's JTEDs.
  • A recent voter approval rate of more than 70% during the formation of two JTED districts in the midst of challenging economic circumstances is evidence of the widespread public support of JTEDs.

How is EAC involved in GIFT?

Eastern Arizona College has intergovernmental agreements with GIFT to provide college level classes for high school career and technical education students. EAC is also involved as the hub for the distance learning system available in Ft. Thomas, Pima and Thatcher.

Financial Reports

About 95% of GIFT funding comes fron the Arizona Department of Education through equalization aid. About 5% comes from local tax sources.

By law, GIFT is required to make our financial reports available to the public.

To view the Adopted Budget report at Arizona Dept of Education please click the link below:

Adopted Budget FY17-18

To view complete Proposed Budget reports at Arizona Dept of Education please select a link below:

To view complete AFR reports at Arizona Dept of Education please select a link below:

GIFT Governing Board Members

Sherry Carbajal, President    Serving since 2011
David Lindsay    Serving since 2007
Norman Sanders    Serving since 2011
Jim Bryce    Serving since 2009
Sam Gardner    Serving since 2007
Bobby Lucero    Serving since 2012
Taylor Payne    Serving since 2012

GIFT Governing Board Meeting Agendas

Special Notice on New Building Walkthrough
Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the GIFT offices on the EAC campus in Thatcher, AZ.